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About Jeanette

I’ve been spiritually aware from a young age and have been working with Energy Healing for several years, initially training in Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy.

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I was guided towards Angelic Reiki in 2006 and after experiencing this profound, transformational energy, intuitively knew I had to share this with others and therefore trained to Angelic Reiki Master Teacher level. I am an Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher, Healer, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and Psychic Artist. I also provide Personalised Spiritual Readings and Guidance.

I am both honoured and privileged to be working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light and it is an absolute joy to work with these beautiful energies. Through personal experience, and feedback from my clients and students, I am continuously amazed by the most wonderful and profound changes which are taking place in people’s lives as a result of receiving the Angelic Reiki healing energies and Angelic Reiki attunements (please see the Testimonials section on this website). I am therefore very passionate about sharing this beautiful system of healing with all.

I believe that we are all on an amazing and exciting journey and that, as part of our soul’s development and growth, we face many challenges. Through my work as a Practitioner and Teacher, I am honoured to be able to assist people along their ‘journey’ by helping them to gain improved health and balance so that they may take control of their lives and live them to the full in an enriched and empowered way.

Many people, after progressing through their own personal healing journey, have chosen to qualify as a Practitioner so that they may take Angelic Reiki to the next level and share this transformational system of healing with others. This system consistently enables personal and spiritual growth and development.

Love, light and peace...

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