Presented here is a collection of testimonials from some of my clients and students after receiving Angelic Reiki healing treatments or attending workshops / training courses. I am proud to have helped and I thank you all for your kind comments and wish you and your families much love, laughter and eternal happiness.

Testimonials from clients

“This is the first time I have been part of a meditation and spiritual development group. Jeanette’s nurturing and thoughtful personality immediately made me feel very welcome.

The sessions are very well planned and the room is set up to give a warm, cosy, relaxed feeling – a perfect haven for meditation and development. After only a few weeks, I felt more grounded and was able to focus and think more clearly, allowing me to be more effective in doing general day to day tasks. Also inspirational ideas and solutions come to me more easily now, which have helped a great deal in my personal and working life. If you are thinking of starting meditation, I would highly recommend Jeanette. I find myself really excited to attend the group each week.”

Andrea, Leeds


“My name is Wendy, I am 40 years of age. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome now for over eight years. The pain and fatigue has been horrendous and I became terribly depressed. It felt like I was a very frail old lady at times and my family were seriously considering buying me a disabled car to help me get around.

I then met Jeanette through a meditation class and had my first healing session at her home on the Thursday evening. On the Friday morning I couldn’t believe the difference in myself. I had no pain at all and I could walk brilliantly. I’m getting my old life back it’s wonderful. I still go for healing once a week at the moment, but I should be able to start going once a month soon. I feel I owe it all to Jeanette, she’s a wonderful person and as far as I’m concerned she is an angel.

Many thanks Jeanette for everything.”

Wendy, Oulton, Leeds xx


“I started going to see Jeanette at the beginning of June 2009 for Angelic Reiki Healing as I had very little confidence. After a couple of sessions of healing and after attending two Workshops with Jeanette my confidence has grown. I’ve also discovered my artistic side since attending the Colour Therapy Workshop and have started drawing Angels. I have recently attended the Psychic Art Workshop with Jeanette to develop my artistic skills.

With grateful thanks Jeanette.”

Naomi, Garforth, Leeds xxx


“I have had several Usui Reiki treatments and I felt drawn for sometime to trying an Angelic Reiki treatment. I was unsure at that time about the differences. I received a warm welcome at Jeanette's and she explained the differences between the reiki systems and the background to Angelic Reiki. Jeanette is very knowledgeable when it comes to Angelic Reiki healing and explained the process fully and completed a consultation with me. The treatment itself was very relaxing and I could feel a difference straight away compared to previous healing I have had. I had previously experienced seeing some colour when having a reiki treatment and this has accelerated since having Angelic Reiki and I often see several colours during a treatment. Jeanette is one of the most friendly and welcoming healers I have ever met. I feel that the Angelic Reiki has helped me to be a calm and balanced person and I have had further healing sessions since. I have since trained with Jeanette in Angelic Reiki myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Angelic Reiki healing with Jeanette.”

Tracy, Leeds


“I am very happy to write this testimonial for Jeanette who put me ‘back on my feet’ at a time when conventional medicine couldn’t offer any advice other than to rest.

My story begins in January 2009 with a bout of seasonal flu, which kept me away from work for 2 ½ weeks. On returning to work I knew I wasn’t 100% fit but as the Chief Officer of a charity and providing the only income in the household it was important for me to get back to work. 3 weeks later I had to go on sick leave again, I had no energy, felt tired even though I slept most of the time, was extremely emotional and told by the GP that I needed to rest. Diagnosed with post-viral fatigue, when I asked what I could do to aid my recovery was told rest, no stress and let nature take its course. Upon explaining that I needed to get back to work I was warned that it could take me a month, a year or longer to recover and that if I didn’t take heed I could end up with M.E.

Archangel Uriel

You can imagine my feelings and reaction to this news, if it had been possible I would have felt worse. Two weeks of struggle later I saw an advertisement for Angelic Reiki Healing. It was a local number, which I rang and was disappointed when I reached an answer machine but delighted that Jeanette called me back within a couple of hours.

We arranged to meet the following day and although I remember chatting to her as she took my case history, I was so tired from getting there that I could have told her all my secrets.

After the first session, I went home and slept and awoke feeling rested; something that hadn’t happened since my illness in January. After each session I felt stronger, more balanced and energised and in control (and that hasn’t changed) and 3 weeks later I was back at work and haven’t looked back since.

I now only have healing sessions when I want to and still enjoy feeling relaxed, balanced and stronger. I have recommended Jeanette to family and friends, all of whom have benefited in similar but different ways according to their need.

My advice is ‘try it’, it won’t do you any harm and may, like me, do you the world of good!”

Ann, Garforth, Leeds


“An amazing Workshop Jeanette. Thank you so much.”

Lynn, Huddersfield


“I feel that this day has helped me to gain the confidence I needed to connect with and communicate with my Angels and Spirit Guides. Thank you Jeanette.”

Jill, Wakefield xx


“A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day.”

Jayne, Leeds


“A great day where I learnt lots of new things and met some wonderful new friends.”

Karen, Wakefield


“Lots of useful ‘tools’ to take away with me. Delivered in a grounded and friendly way. What a lovely space you have created Jeanette thank you.”

Glen, Bradford

“After trying a couple of Angelic Reiki sessions with Jeanette I felt ready to be attuned to the system so that I could practice on others. I had previously been attuned to the Usui system of reiki healing and was curious and a little skeptical about the differences. In my opinion, after taking part in the course I learned that the two systems are very different, both fantastic ways in which to heal but I did find that the energies and methods used are different with Angelic Reiki and easier to follow with better results. I took part in a two day course and received a beautiful colour handbook to take away and a lovely master crystal. The attunements were wonderful experiences and I am enjoying practising Angelic Reiki on myself and others. I feel that you never just get what it says on the tin with Jeanette, she always gives more and she gives it from the heart.

Thank you Jeanette.”

Tracy, Leeds x


“I have attended several Workshops with Jeanette. This is mainly because she is very knowledgeable in the areas she teaches but also because she is such a friendly and welcoming person. Jeanette is very good at recognising people’s different skills and abilities and helping to develop them without making anyone feel like they can't do it. I have attended Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Inner Child Healing and Aura Reading Workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed them all and have learnt so much about myself and others. I have met some lovely people on the workshops too. I would recommend all of the workshops I have attended if you wish to gain some knowledge or develop existing skills. Jeanette's Workshops are suitable for everyone, no matter what experience you have.

I had been looking to join a Meditation/ Spiritual development group for some time and had attended some workshops already with Jeanette so I was happy to give the group a try. I really enjoy being part of the group. Everyone is really nice and friendly and no one is ever made to feel like others are better. We all accept that we are different but all have skills to develop and we enjoy learning from each other. This is due to good guidance from Jeanette. Since joining the group I feel that I have improved in listening to my intuition and have had the chance to try some spiritual tools that I would probably never had the chance to try, such as Sand Reading and Dowsing. I find meditating a much more natural experience now and have learned several safe ways to open and close chakras and the importance of doing this correctly. I see the group as ‘me time’ and I look forward to it every week.”

Tracy, Leeds